Status of Projects

As of August 13th, 2017

Aeronautica Imperialis Eldar - Painted, ready for delivery.

Eldar Battle Fleet Gothic - Painted, ready for delivery.

Necromunda Spyrer and pin head barbarian - Painted, ready for delivery.

TY - 2S1s, and BRDMs are being highlighted and weathered.  BTR-80s are painted.  Remaining ground vehicles are assemlbed.

​MW 1/144 - Fairey Barracudas, on hand. 

MW 1/144 - B-26s ordered and recieved.

MW 1/144 - Sweet MC.200s, and Catalina - models on hand.  Four Wildcats received.   Jake float plane on hand.

TY - Soviet air, FA, ADA - not started.

1/200 AIM for WoG (ID) - B-17G  and PBY-5A being painted.  Dust Tactics figures no progress.

​1/300 B1, AN-26, and Tu-26 arrived safely.

​1/200 AIM collection (NV) - several models in various stages of work.   Pzl.11 painted and some decals applied.  Fulmar, Mig-3, and Su-2 finished and available.

AIM display models several 1/200 and 1/300 models primed and partially painted. 

1/285 and 1/300 USN F8s & A4s for Rolling Thunder.  A6s for Linebacker.

1/100 scale Me-262 and Me-163 still in the box.