Status of Projects

As of December 10, 2017

Released 1/200 scale decals for Fiat G.50s, Fiat G.55s, Fiat Br.20s, Breda BA.65s, Macchi C.202s(two sets), Macchi C.205s, CANT Z.1007 Bis A&B, and SM.79s.  Also released decal sheets with 1/144 scale sized RAF code letters and Luftwaffe identification numbers.

​1/200 AIM for WoG (ID) - B-17G being painted, Midway Catalina painted and decals applied.  Dust Tactics figures no progress.

Team Yankee - Soviet aircraft not started.

LN 1/144 - B-24Js, not started.

JR 1/144 - Sweet Mc.200s, primary painting mostly finished.

MW 1/144 - Sweet MC.200s, mostly painted, need to touch up some areas and prep for decals.

​1/300 B1, AN-26, and Tu-26 arrived safely.

MW 1/144 -B-26s for Midway, not started. 

​1/200 AIM collection (NV) - several models in various stages of work.  Emily and CANT Z.1007 completed.  Finns, Italians, and Soviets are painted and ready for decals.  Designing decals 

MW 1/144 - Catalina - models on hand.  Four Wildcats received.   Jake float plane on hand. 

AIM display models several 1/200 and 1/300 models primed and partially painted.   MC.202, MC.205, and CANT Z.1007s completed.

IL - 1/600 P-51s ion hand.

CF in CA - two boxes arrived, in good shape. P-36s, AT-6s, CT-133, one P-40b/c, and CF-100 are primed.  Four of the models have the primary color applied.

JH in OH - High Elf Griffon is primed.

1/285 and 1/300 USN F8s & A4s for Rolling Thunder.  A6s for Linebacker.

1/100 scale Me-262 and Me-163 still in the box.