Mar 27, 2018

Released several new sets of 1/200 and 1/600 scale decals.

Dec 10, 2017

Released 1/200 scale decals for Fiat G.50s, Fiat G.55s, Fiat Br.20s, Breda BA.65s, Macchi C.202s(two sets), Macchi C.205s, CANT Z.1007 Bis A&B, and SM.79s.  Also released decal sheets with 1/144 scale sized RAF code letters and Luftwaffe identification numbers.

Aug 28, 2017

1/200 decals for Do-17s (KG 3), Bf-110Cs (ZG 26), and Fw-190A3s (JG 2)  are printed.  1/600 scale decals of the same Do-17s and Bf-110s are printed as well.  All should be available in the webstore this week.  1/200 decals for the Do-17s and Bf-110s should also be available soon.

Jun 11, 2017

Have had several requests to create decals for 1/285-1/300 and 1/600 scale aircraft decals.  Those are in the works.  Some of these smaller decals are already in the web-store.

Apr 19, 2017

- The following decals are now available:

  • 1/200 scale - I./JG 27 North Africa
  • 1/200 scale - F8 Crusader VF-211 USS Hancock
  • 1/200 scale - NVAF Mig-17, -19, -21, and -21/F-13
  • 1/144 scale - IAR-80 Romanian Air Force
  • 1/144 scale Airco DH.2

Mar 26, 2017

- The following decals are now available in 1/200 scale: 

  • Spanish Civil War, Republican I-15s
  • Spanish Civil War, Republican SB-2s
  • Luftwaffe Bf-109E 7./JG 2, 8./JG 2, and 9./JG 2.

Feb 27, 2017

- Decals for the Armaments in Miniature 1/100 and 1/200 scale He-111 and Ju-88 are now available in my online store.  I've also shipped some to Armaments in Miniature.

- Decals for the Armaments in Miniature 1/100 scale Horsa glider are now available.  The decals represent markings for the six Horsas used in the initial phase of Operation Tonga - the Pegasus Bridge.

Oct 16, 2016

- The new decal printer arrived this week and I'm now able to print one-piece decals.  The printer prints white first and then colors over the top of the white.  The registration of the graphics is great and the colors opaque.  I'll be converting all of the decal files so that they print from this printer.  If you purchased sets of my older two-part decals, you can return unused sheets to me and I'll replace them with the new decals at no charge.

Sep 5, 2016

- 23 new decal sets, 1/200 scale, and one 1/100 scale set of decals added to the store.  Most of the 1/200 scale sets are for US and IJN aircraft at the Battle of Midway.  There are four sets for the Soviet La.5FN. 

June 13, 2016

- Additional decals added to the store.  Please contact me if you have a special request.  This can be anything from adding or subtracting aircraft to/from an existing set or adding special markings for a particular aircraft.

Apr 3, 2016

- Miscellaneous Miniatures now has an online store.  And, right now it has one product!

- I'm now able to print custom decals, including those that require white.

- Paint booth is operational.

Miscellaneous Miniatures, LLC

Established May, 2014.  Kevin Hammond owner

     I've been building and painting models and miniatures for over 46 years.  I've been painting competitively and painting on commission for over 31 years.  The images on the gallery page are of work I've done over the past decade. 

     With work getting in the way of life and my hobby, I decided to make a little change.  I stopped being an employee and created Miscellaneous Miniatures, LLC.  My expectations are to:

- Pursue my passions of building and painting models and miniatures.

- Provide high quality painting and decal creation services at a fair price.

Miscellaneous Miniatures, LLC

Falls Church, Virginia, USA.