Basic Painting Service Pricing

Pricing below is for aircraft miniatures and models.  

Single Engine
Twin Engine fighter
Tri-motor/medium bomber
Four engine/heavy bomber
1/285 & 1/300
1/144 & 1/160

The projects pictured above would incur costs in addition to basic pricing.

I have a significant backlog of projects and it will be two to three months before I can start any new/additional painting commissions.

Contact me by completing and submitting the form at right (below on mobile devices).  If you don't hear anything from me in a couple of days please check your spam filter and junk folder.

Provide me details of your proposed project.  Proposal should include:

  • What you want painted or decal you want made?

  • The color/camouflage scheme(s).

  • Special details or requirements - size, scale, quantity, colors.

  • How many are needed?

  • When the project is needed?

  • If you'll be providing the miniatures & decals or if you want me to procure them. 

  • If possible, include pictures or links to images, they will help me understand your requirements. 

     On receipt, I will analyze the proposal, let you know if I can meet your requirements, and provide a quote for the painting service.  My quote is for the cost of assembling, painting, applying decals, and finishing the miniature.  The customer is responsible for the cost of all shipping, the miniatures/models, and special decals.  Basic pricing for aircraft miniatures is below.  Contact me for pricing of other projects.

     I accept personal checks, money orders, PayPal, and major credit cards.

Basic service includes:
  • Surface preparation and cleaning.

  • Application of primer.

  • Two color paint scheme on top, single on the bottom, and choice of gloss, satin, or matte finish.

  • Details such as canopy, wheels, exhaust, guns, and pilot painted.

  • Application of national and aircraft unit/identification markings.

  • Completion in 3-4 weeks from project start.

Additional Costs per Miniature:

  • Complicated paint schemes, additional colors, and large number of decals.

  • Assembly, conversions, or repairing miscast/broken models/miniatures.

  • Cost of model and/or decals if not provided by the customer.

  • Rush jobs.

  • Larger models will cost more, contact me for an estimate.

  • Working with 3D printed miniatures and models.

  • There is a 6% sales tax on all sales in Virginia.